During the opening general session of a writer’s conference, Nancy noticed a young woman leaving the meeting early. Across the hall she appeared strikingly similar to her son’s birth-mother. She dismissed the thought that it might be her.

 Later, as she returned to her room, Nancy's roommate spoke of a woman she felt Nancy needed to meet. The next morning the woman she spoke of was none other than Nancy's son’s birth-mom.

This was another miracle God performed in their relationship.

That was the day Entwined by Adoption was born. They knew the rest of their miraculous story needed to be told.

Unknown to them, not only was the book born, but the From Dust 2 Diamonds ministry emerged.

It is their prayer to minister to hurting hearts in many realms of struggle, through the written word.

     Kelly Sumner has taught in both public and private schools. Her involvement in the teen pregnancy clinic inspired her to write about her experience as a teenage birth mother. She has published Broken Dreams Made Whole in Apraxia Now magazine. A magazine devoted to parents of children unable to speak.

     She devotes her time to teaching her own preschool, writing fiction for women, young adults, and suspense lovers. Residing in gorgeous Colorado, Kelly lives with her husband, two children, a dog, and a conversational cat. She loves to travel, camp at the lake, and spend time with friends.

From Dust 2 Diamonds

Nancy Faltermeier

The DiamondLight Kindler

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Nancy M Faltermeier

Kelly M Sumner

From Dust 2 Diamond Authors

Kelly Sumner

The FireDiamond Igniter

     Nancy Meyers Faltermeier also known as the DiamondLight Lady, writes non-fiction and fiction projects. In the past, she has worked full-time for many years with a ministry noted for the children’s albums Music Machine and Bullfrogs and Butterflies. While there, she wrote skits, plays, and songs. Music she wrote, found publication in two songbooks and four recordings by different artists.

     She has also taught Bible Studies on many different topics and levels. After homeschooling her children through high school, she is dedicating her time to bring hope to the hurting through the written word. Nancy resides at the base of the majestic Rocky Mountains in beautiful Colorado with her husband, two adult children and two parakeets. In her spare time, she enjoys watching her backyard nursery of wild cottontail bunnies play and hiking those wonderful mountains while snapping photos of the glories of the nature around her.