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Diamonds: Tale of Trial 

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Dawning Light: Adoption

​​Entwined by Adoption: Our Story of Infertility, Teen Pregnancy and Faith 

This 30-day Dust2Diamond Devotional is designed to take you on a walk with God. Not only are the spiritual topics of adoption discussed, but the practical as well.

​​Shattered Hope: Infertility​

This 30-day Dust2Diamond Devotional will take you on a journey through the spiritual and practical issues of infertility, while focusing on the presence of God in your life.

Out of the depths of hardship and pain, diamonds rise.

 Have you experienced disappointment, rejection, or pain? Do you wonder if you’ve been forgotten, like no one cares?

Where is God in the midst of our struggles? What good can come from trials?

In this book, we take a look at Joseph’s life through the analogy of a gem quality diamond’s journey. Beginning as something ugly and black, it turns, through great hardship, into a wondrous beauty that reflects His light in prisms of color.

Adoption is the cord entwined by His design.


Shattered dreams of motherhood lay in Nancy’s heart, bludgeoned by infertility. Would she ever feel whole?
The darkness of teen pregnancy engulfed Kelly, swallowing her into the pit of hopelessness. Pregnant? She couldn’t be. Her family might disown her.
Could these two women hold the answer to each other’s prayers? In this heart wrenching and miraculous, true story of adoption, Kelly and Nancy team up to share how God mends hearts to see the light again.
This book delivers far more than just their story. They present two study journals packed full of practical tips, and answers many questions such as:


Why does God allow infertility?
Is infertility a punishment?
What does the Bible say about infertility and adoption?
Should I adopt?
Am I ready to adopt?


I’m pregnant. Now what?
Is my life ruined?
As a parent of a pregnant teen, what should I do?

And much, much more . . .